A2 CofC Separation Clarification

Can somebody please clarify something for me?

With an A2 CofC, there is a 50m separation distance to uninvolved people (applying the 1:1 rule) but with this qualification, there is NO MINIMUM separation from buildings (regardless of whether there are people inside). Is this correct?

So for example, if I was flying in a town, and there were no people around, I could TOAL pretty much anywhere?

I know Article 16 allowed closer TOAL and flying in recreational settings but I’m specifically looking at the A2 aspect there.

Thanks in advance!! :+1:t3:

Our infographic (fpv.uk/openinfog?1=1) says ‘Only if unoccupied or occupants are inside and protected’.

The regulations are now based on people. There is no ‘Vehicles/Vessels/Aircraft and Structures’ provision, as there was in the previous regulations. This is on the basis that those vehicles/vessels/aircraft and structures are only a concern if they have people in them.

If you can be confident that none of the vehicles/vessels or aircraft have anybody in them. And/or the structures don’t have anybody in them either, or they are strong enough to protect a person inside should the worst happen, then the logic follows that you can fly there.

However, you will note the part at the bottom of our infographic which says:

ANO 2016 article 241 always applies. ‘A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property’.

So you must not recklessly endanger property. Property would include vehicles, vessels, aircraft and structures.