A2 CofC AND Article 16


I now can fly under Article 16. But am thinking of using the members saving to do my A2 CofC.

If i have both can i fly using both one day depending on the place i am flying in a park using Article 16 to the next time doing a A2 open class flight?

Or does one out rule the other?


you can use both of them ,but not at the same time
at a venue you have to be able to show that the place where you intend to fly has met the criteria for an article 16 flight and then you abide by the article 16 rules for that flight


I thought you could choose whether to fly under open or article 16 where both options were available… for example at a non built up area where you could use article 16 you may choose to use open category to allow you to use automated features not permissable under art 16 (follow me mode etc), or use art 16 to fly closer to people. But you cant mix and match both during the same operation.

I may have misunderstood so happy to be corrected


hi Amit f course you can make the choice whether or not you use the A2 C of C ,or decide to fly under Article 16 before the flight commences and it is dependant on what your flight criteria are ,sorry if my post confused you